The ISA International Academy is committed to providing students with services that help develop their character strengths. We provide professional and personalized guidance and evaluation to cultivate competitive talents with all-round development through not only diverse and professional quality courses, but also academic training, competition, outdoor exploration, social practice, self-reflection and assessment reports.

The ISA International Academy converges high-quality resources and specialists from ISA schools to organise professional teams in different fields. The arts team contains theatre clubs, a symphony orchestra and choir, while the sport school teams include sailing, golf, basketball, football, and swimming. We will organise a science and technology competition team and business competition team. The ISA International Academy provides a high-level education service platform to lead these teams to participate in various global competitions.

The ISA International Academy will also set up music, performance, art, science and technology, academic competition and sports centres, which is open to ISA and non-ISA members and share with our high-quality education resources.

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