Sports and physical activities are compulsory parts of of ISA Wenhua International Centre for A Level, which can not only improve students' physical fitness and compatibility, but also build a good communication skill with a team collaboration personality.

Students in alevel center can basically master 10-12 sports techniques in G1 and G2 stages. Students have at least 4 PE classes a week and 1 PE class (40 minutes) a day. We hope that our students can understand and appreciate the game rules and tactics in the sports competition process of the skill items taught, have their own independent views and Thoughts on the corresponding sports items, so that students can have excellent performance ability in sports performance and complete the skill display of the corresponding sports items alone. Be able to use the learned sports theory knowledge to explain and design sports plans for yourself to improve sports performance. Understand human body structure, basic principles of movement and what physiological changes the body will produce in the process of movement; Lay a good sports foundation and prepare for the next step of students' sports development.

Equipped with a wealth of comprehensive sports facilities, including a sports center, gym, basketball court, badminton court, running track, football field, and indoor swimming pool. Students can take advantage of the top sports facilities on campus and fully enjoy the joy brought by sports and sports.


Swimming pool